Thursday, April 1, 2010

Persistence Personified - Norbi Whitney

They say that in order to achieve Mastery one must spend 100,000 hours in practice, or the equivalent of about 10 years of dedicated work. That kind of determination and single focus is what being the best is all about. With now 16 years of experience amassed since he first began training at the age of 7, Norbi has attained mastery and it clearly shows in his work. That's persistence.

His resume is a full two pages in length covering numerous major performances from 2001 to the present. He has seemingly "done it all" with a range of venues including National Juggling Conventions, competing in the World Juggling Federation Championships, performing on T.V., and even Judging for competitive events.
*see his full CV at his site:

In the last two years he has dedicated himself to perfecting his performance on stage, and we are very pleased and excited about his return to RIT for this years 33 RIT Spring Juggle-In. Some of his most recent performances include the acclaimed TurboFest in Québec, Canada held at the
l’École de Cirque de Québec and Cirque du Soleil, Québec, Canada (June – September 2009)

He is currently completing the specialized program at the l’École de Cirque de Québec, where he has been polishing his act with rings for our show and it's debut on the RIT Stage. For a glimpse of it check the teaser video at this link Norbi Rings Demo 2010

You can find more video of Norbi at several links below and contact him at:

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