Saturday, March 11, 2023

Workshops of the RIT Spring Juggle In 2023 edition

 This years workshop list continues to grow and as usual we have some amazing things you can learn here.

Already in the works include the following

Workhop Host Workshop Title Description
Katherine Marino World Manipulation: AKA juggling found object Join Katherine Marino in this all-levels workshop where we’ll use every-day objects as your playmates. This workshop will focus on exploring new body movement, making sequences, and performing. Expect to create new material, play, and be silly. Bring any non-juggling-prop item of your choice to play with, or we’ll help you find one on the spot.
Stephen Doubt Site Specific juggling All skill levels welcome, bring your favorite prop to juggle, and field trip included! (weather permitting)
Jared Athias ADHD Fidget Tricks for Clubs Come learn some silly "simple" 1 and 2 club tricks you can practice while waiting for your rice to cook.
Jared Athias Dr. Jared’s Multiplexes of Madness Let’s learn to throw multiple clubs at once. I promise this workshop will be better than the movie it’s named after.
Lacey Lucidity Contact Juggling: Intro + Beginner If you are just starting to learn contact juggling and want some tips, coaching and ideas for tricks, this is the workshop for you!
Luther Bangert Movement & Improvisation in Juggling A one hour class exploring creativity in juggling and movement. With one, two, and three objects, we'll break patterns down into their base components and build them back up again with body throws and movement, leading to sequences that stretch, expand, and explore the space around us. Much of my personal work in sequence creation and performance is working with improvisation, and I will share some structures that have consistently nurtured my practice.
Tohm Pace Club Passing - What's next after 3 count?
Tohm Pace Club Passing - Let's add movement
Jeremiah Johnston 3 Club "Flow Style" - Essential Skills & Patterns
Jeremiah Johnston Modern 3 Club Manipulation Styles
Jeremiah Johnston Cigar Boxes Fundamentals

Thursday, February 9, 2023

43rd Juggle In: We're back!!!!!!!

We're reinvigorated as we spread our wings to soar once again! The RIT Spring Juggle-In will be reborn on March 24-26 at Rochester Institute of Technology! The Juggle In will be in Clark Gym (right across from the Campus Center and Fireside Lounge). 

This year we will be feature Jeremiah Johnston and Delaney Bayles at our public show!

For more info:

Friday, March 13, 2020

Juggle-In 43 Cancelled

Hello all, 
As of 3/11/2020, RIT formally announced the actions they would be taking in response to COVID-19. While our event was not denied by administration (at this time), we are cancelling the event to follow both RIT's lead and what we believe to be the most responsible actions.
We will try to provide updates soon. 
Stay safe out there, folks.
-RIT Juggling Club Vice-President

Thursday, March 5, 2020

43rd RIT Spring Juggle-In - 2020

Announcing the 43rd RIT Spring Juggle-In, April 3rd to 5th at Rochester Institute of Technology!
This year we will be feature Wes Peden and Florence Huet at our public show!

Photo credits to Brend Van Kerckhove (Wes photo) and Elie Hoover (Flo photo).

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Workshop Schedule for the 42 RIT Spring Juggle In

The Schedule of workshops is ready, and with 24 there is something for everyone from beginner to expert. 

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Don't Panic and carry a towel with you to the 42nd RIT Spring Juggle-In

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy gives great advice about how to travel the universe.
Among the tips is to always carry a towel.  We're happy to announce that Greg Moss has donated this custom printed towel to the raffle so make sure to check out the raffle table at the RIT Spring Juggle-in Apr 5-7, 2019

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Taylor Glenn is coming to the 42nd RIT Spring Juggle-In

Super excited to have Taylor Glenn coming all the way from California to join us. What an inspiration to jugglers everywhere. She tries new stuff all the time (#taylortries) and has become an internet sensation. She’ll be in the show and teaching a workshop. You can find her on instagram as Taylor_tries or just check out this fun video clip from her page below.…