Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whats New at the RIT Spring Juggle In this year?

The other day someone asked me what was new at our event this year.

Well after 33 years of hosting the Juggle-In the bar does seem to get higher and higher.

I'm really excited about the number of great things we are able to continue to have and the new items we have for this

We still have Free Admission to the Gym, the workshops and the competitions, thanks to all our fabuluos raffle support from numerous generous vendors. This years Raffle is already looking great! Check it out here. RIT Raffle

We still have sweet juggling trophies to take home and show off to your friends (if you win).

We still have an opening night party, and opening night free show, a free family matinee on Saturday morning, a killer public show.

Last years show cast, powerful stuff.!

We have a college Mascot - Ritchie the RIT Tiger that can juggle.!
Well that's mostly because our own Ben Bloom dares to don the heavy carpet suit and paws

As for the new things this year.

Tim Peterson is extending the boundary on the live video feed this year and is attempting to record all the gym live action over the weekend. That will be major, and you can find more about the Live Video project on our website. We can also use your help manning the camera each day if you're gong to be there and are interested. Drop us a line at if you can help!

We re-open the gym after the show this year to leave time for that late night juggling so many people have been missing.

For the first time ever we are listed on CraigsList! Craigs List Events

For the first time ever we've been able to get the the amazing U of R Strong Jugglers to donate one of their impressive multiple person club routines to our show.

Michael Karas will be leading "Michael Says"

New this year will also be the Hooping workshop brought by Rochester Hoops with Diane and Justin.

Pele will be coming for the first time ever and bringing with her HUGE quantities of fire toys to sell off at reduced prices.

I think that's a pretty good list of new things.

Can't wait for the fest.

Jeff Peden

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