Thursday, January 29, 2015

RIT Club Night - Wednesday 2015/1/28


 RIT Juggling Club Night - Wednesday 2015/1/28
Jeff Peden
Ball juggling, club juggling, diabolo (Avery and Sebastian), devilstick (Luke), club passing (Luke, Jeff, Alex), beginners learning(Ashley), staff spinning(Harrison and friends), "pinball" style 3 ball (Jake), fast hand speed 3 ball(Quinn), it was a pretty full night if you missed out.
Speaking of "missed"  we happily welcomed back Susan Aikman, and Yasmeena  who had both been away, and we missed the presence of Danny Buonocore.

Planning for our performance at next weeks half-time show for the RIT women's basketball game on  Feb 6th. got started as well.

Alex Rozanov did a run of reverse spin mills mess with clubs for the camera .

I also got photo proof of Sam Border doing nice 4 club moves with his new white clubs.

"He could teach you, but he'd have to charge".  

Photos -Alex Rozanov, Sam Border

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