Friday, February 13, 2015

RIT Club night Wednesday, February 11 2015

There was a good turn out to club on Wednesday despite the wind and cold.

Some highlights of the evening include the following:

Everyone was excited to see Alex Rozanov back at club, and Tim Peterson stopped by to say hi before he headed out on 5 week touring job with a Theater company.

Harrison continued his new fashion look of mixed business casual, which started at the beginning of the semester.  Always unique, his own special look is comprised of shirt, tie and tail. Not a "tails" like a tuxedo, rather a more casual fox tail.

Alia set a new personal best for 6 club passing with 10 passes in a row. 

Yasmeena was feeling adventurous and had Luke and I teach her multiple things relative to club passing.  She learned how to walk through the center of a 4 count pattern. how to stand in the center of the pattern and walk out and how to do club take-outs and steals from the 6 club pattern.

Solomon brought his latest pair of whips and demonstrated some 2 handed whip tricks.
He also shared his short whip with people and several people learned to crack a whip for the first time. I got a short video of Avery Thompson whip cracking and he was heard to say "Whips are Cool!" 

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