Wednesday, March 18, 2015

TGIF - Friday night Dinner at the RIT Spring Juggle-In!

The early bird gets the...dinner and lots of extra fun.
Rachel Peden, Patrik Elmnert, Wes Peden, Bonnie Booth at the 2014 Friday night Dinner

That's right, as part of our recent tradition we have a group Friday night dinner @ 6pm at the RIT Spring Juggle-in. If you're joining us on Friday here's what to expect.

1) It's a "bring a dish to pass dinner" also known as bring something to share.
Options and ideas: Salads and healthy snacks, munchies like chips and pretzels, desserts like cookies brownies,  drinks in cans or 2 litre bottles, (no alcohol please)
Want to make a statement? 
Here are some people who have made their mark in the past.
Ward Hartenstein - 3 years running with his incredible spicey thai noodle salad
Kyla Ciranni and Ross Lancaster - for bringing 50 deviled eggs
Austin Levesque - carefully made and delicious oreo cookie troufles
Avery Thompson - a full case of bannana's

2) If what you are bringing isn't pre-packaged bring a description of the ingredients.
     (we all know people with food allergies)

3) The club provides pizza, plates, plasticware and lemonade
4)  If you forget to bring something you can still join us, so don't wait outside.

Last year everyone brought a little something to add and we ended up with a feast that filled 4 8 foot tables.  Chocolate covered strawberries, truffles, chips and cheese balls, veggie trays, deviled eggs, cookies and cheesecake slices.  There was something for everyone and plenty for seconds.

Wards famous spicey noodles on the left, and a view of the full tables.            

 *Historical note- this tradition began when Jeff Peden, being inspired by the group meals at TurboFest, decided we should try something like it at RIT in 2011.


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