Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Do you Lasoo?

This years 38th RIT Spring Juggle-in is slated to have it's first ever Lasso workshop! 

That's right, our first workshop will also be the first time we've had an official Lasso workshop.
Led by Ward Hartenstein at 7:00 pm, on Friday night, this workshop will give you the basics of spinning a flat-loop in just a few minutes.  For those who aspire to more, stepping in and out, wedding ring, and butterfly are also ideas to share.  Best of all, Ward is bringing plenty of practice ropes so you can "learn the ropes" without even owning one! Ward has long been interested in all sorts of toys and manipulations including diabolo, spin-top, yo-yo, and is thrilled to teach others. Yes, he can do tricks with a hat as well.

Remember to keep an eye on the RIT Spring Juggle-In schedule, because this workshop may get repeated over the weekend from popular demand.

Jeff Peden (left) and Ward Hartenstein work on their Lasso skills.

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