Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The 2nd Annual "RB Invitational Classic"

The 2nd annual Rozanov-Buonocore Invitational Classic (RBIC) is set to be held at the RIT Juggling Club once again this year. This year with two competitive nights.  This event caps off the juggling year with club members and friends competing against their own personal best records, and aiming to create new Club Records. We're setting the record that RIT has some beasty jugglers.  Come out and set a club record, a personal best, or just come cheer on the club members.

This year in order to accommodate even more participants we will have record setting on Monday and Wednesday night. (May 4th and May 6th) standard club times and locations

What are the categories?
Categories are both classic and creative. Whether its clubs, or kendama, balls or ball spinning, rings or ridiculously heavy objects it doesn''t matter.  Guinness has their book of  records and we do too. So bring your hardcore db97531, or your insane combination trick.  Everything is acceptable.

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