Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The first RIT 1 on 1 combat tournament

By Joe Showers:
The 38th annual RIT spring juggle in had it's first 1-on-1 combat tournament, run by Joe Showers.  It all started with a free-for-all for 16 rounds, to determine who placed in the tournament bracket.  The first person to win a round was removed from the FFA, and placed in the bracket.  This was repeated 15 times, with everyone's rank determined.  Then, a best-of-3, single elimination game started, until semi-finals, which were best-of-5.  The final round was best-of-7, and it came down to the wire, with Rafi Benjamin and Nathan Biggs-Penton both having three wins a piece.  Rafi nearly eliminated Nathan in the final game for the win of the tournament, but unfortunately could not control his pattern.  Nathan fired back, and knocked Rafi's clubs down, and kept his own in the air.  The winner, with a score of 4-3 was Nathan Biggs-Penton.

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