Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Juggle in the Park after Dark 2016

Its the traditional fall "Juggle in the Park after Dark" event. 
Celebrating movement music and fun with Juggling, flow toys, slack line etc.

This year we'll be meeting up on Friday night, Sep 30th

This event is open to friends,family and all interested, and primarily through invitation. If you juggle or know a juggler or like to watch juggling, you're invited.

Time 5:30 pm- 8:30pm. (sunset is at 6:53pm that night)

For additional up to the minute info check out the public facebook event page:

Cost: free
What to bring:
1-your juggling, balancing, swinging spinning outdoor toys.
2 - something to share at the munchies table if you can.
3- your camera!!!!
4- a chair or blanket to sit on
5- a friend or two!
6- your own fuel to burn or some cash to donate if you are participating in fire activities. ( exceptions are often made, so don't panic if payday is next week)

Rain or shine (i.e. no rain date option) Only cancelled in the event of extreme and present rain. Threats of rain don't count

Location: Genesee Valley Park, probably Dogwood or Hawthorne pavilion. If you don't see a crew there look across the field to the red creek pavilion. Its not that hard to see 20 jugglers

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