Wednesday, March 31, 2010

RIT Alum Warren Hammond returns to host The Big Open

Warren Hammond is a freak. No, I'm not name calling here, anyone who can successfully graduate from RIT, then do longevity research, then switch gears and within just a few years become an award winning solo and team juggler must be a freak. The world needs more freaks like Warren.

is an alum of the Class of 2004 who majored in Biology. After RIT he spent 2 years in grad school at Baylor College of Medicine in the Department of Molecular Virology and Microbiology, then 1 1/2 years as a research tech at the university of Colorado health science center working on aging and genetic engineering.

He returns to RIT on April 16th doing nothing of the above. Although his knowledge of Biology probably helped when he first decided to drive a screwdriver into his nose...ewww.

Warren will be hosting the Big Open our Free Friday night show at RIT for the opening of 33rd RIT Spring Juggle-In and Emceeing the main show on Saturday as part of the award winning comedy Duo called SMIRK.

Currently living in Boulder, Colorado. he is veteran street performer, improv fanatic and an accomplished juggler able to handle 7 balls, 6 clubs and 7 rings. His recent awards include the Gold Medal for eXtreme Juggling, with 3 balls: July 17, 2009 at the International Jugglers Association Championships and a Silver Medal, for his team performance as SMIRK with Reid Belstock.

When you talk to him though, those aren't the things he is most excited about. Right now Warren is driven to put things in his nose. As he excitedly told me about all the new possibilities he could envision to do with putting things in his nasal passages.. qtips, nails, screwdrivers, I couldn't get over his enthusiasm and creative mind-set.

I suppose that's what happens when you mix a creative research scientist with a sideshow act and comic juggling enthusiast. I'm sure the show will be full of surprises with Warren as host.

For more about Warren you can find him on Facebook, or check out his website

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jorden Moir - World Famous Footbag Performer at RIT

We are so excited that Jorden Moir is performing at RIT this year.

He is a 22 yr old student and performer with Zacada Circus School in Stoney Creek, Ontario, and undeniably the best at what he does.

Here's a clip from -

Relentlessly pursuing excellence in footbagging skill, and performance, continues to pay off for Jorden. Recently he was one of the few (24) selected out of 800 applicants to compete in the prestigious Cirque de Demain festival in Paris this year. Check out minute 1:23 to see a cameo of Jorden in the French news Broadcast.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Dazzling Mills family performs at the RIT Spring Juggle-In

If you're a juggler then you've probably heard of the famous "Mills Mess" 3 ball juggling trick.

If you aren't, then imagine a juggling pattern that involves crossing and uncrossing your arms while you juggle, simultaneously making continuous under the arm throws.
Yes, it's basically like tying your arms into a knot.

The creative and crazy mind of Steve Mills came up with this pattern, and he will be performing with along with his Dazzling juggling and Unicycling family at this years RIT Spring Juggle-In.

They represent the best in family performance as well as incredible unicyclists.

Check out the clip below to see their world record setting ride, better still make sure you come to the 33rd RIT Spring Juggle-In and see them perform live!

Video of their record ride

Left: the Dazzling Mills Family sets up for the world record three high pyramid (far left), we made it! Dismounting at 28 feet 2 inches!

For more about the world records they see here
The Dazzling Mills

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Adult Circus - Michael DuBois at RIT

If you are in the RIT area and a night owl you'll enjoy this show...

Event Name: CAB Late Night Events: The Adult Circus - Michael DuBois
Category: Club Events/Activities
Description: Adult Circus Michael DuBois has appeared on national
television with their act from NBC's The Tonight Show with
Jay Leno to MTV.

Adult Circus is a fast paced, audience interactive variety
show featuring an all-original presentation of Magic,
Juggling, Telepathy, Circus & Sideshow Stunts all wrapped in
a blanket of Comedy!

Location: Ingle Auditorium
Doors Open: 10:30pm
Show Starts: 11pm
Cost: $1

Schedules: 03/27/2010 (11:00 PM - 12:15 AM)

Only got a little spare change left in your pocket?
then come to the RIT Juggle In
That's right you get more juggling fun for your dollar
or is it you can get dollar made for juggling?

More cool graphics made by Mark Zuniga.

New posters completed !

Well there you have it, Thanks to the original creative artistry of Mark Zuniga who "coined" our new logo we are off and running.

By the way Mark is a pretty awesome photographer, movie maker and juggler.
Find Mark @
or connect with him

Thanks also to Zach Cohn who told me once the famous phrase "Free is Good"

Free is definitely good!

33rd RIT Spring Juggle-In

RIT Juggling club with a blog is cool, cooler still is the RIT Spring Juggle-IN coming up in only 22 days.!

I'm thrilled with all the energy and cool people who come together to make this event happen.

Today I got this fabulous email from Norbi Whitney about ways I could describe him in the brochure. Our theme of being the best was the main idea and I know that he has won many awards over the years including British Young Juggler of the year.

Ultimately I decided to go with "The Lord of the Rings" because he is sooo... very good with rings.

Norbi has been studying in Quebec the last two years and continues to prove himself a performance star. I can't wait to see him in the show.

For more about this years show line-up:

More to come!