Thursday, March 19, 2015

The 38th RIT Spring Juggle In

April 10-12,2015  marks the 38th year of Juggling workshops, competitions and shows at RIT. Sponsored by the RIT Juggling Club and RIT Student government, this event draws hundreds of talented jugglers, unicyclists, yo-yo players, hula hoopers and more together for one fun filled weekend.  Whether you are just curious and want to learn more, or are a long time juggler this is the place to be. The weekend activities start when the Gym opens Friday at 6:00 pm, and continue until the Gym closes at 3:00 pm Sunday.

Highlights of the weekend include the Free shows in the Gym , Like the The Big Open show on Friday at 9 pm and the Saturday Morning show 10:00 am, as well as Free admission to watch the Juggling competitions, and attend the juggling workshops

Some people simply choose to reserve their Saturday night to attend the Gala Public Show because of it's reputation for incredible variety acts year after year .  This show features some of the best talent from around the country year after year, and with a ticket price of less than $20 it's a bargain.This years headline act by Company McQuiggs, which is comprised of Nathan Biggs Penton, Kellin Quinn and Willem McGowan.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Do you Lasoo?

This years 38th RIT Spring Juggle-in is slated to have it's first ever Lasso workshop! 

That's right, our first workshop will also be the first time we've had an official Lasso workshop.
Led by Ward Hartenstein at 7:00 pm, on Friday night, this workshop will give you the basics of spinning a flat-loop in just a few minutes.  For those who aspire to more, stepping in and out, wedding ring, and butterfly are also ideas to share.  Best of all, Ward is bringing plenty of practice ropes so you can "learn the ropes" without even owning one! Ward has long been interested in all sorts of toys and manipulations including diabolo, spin-top, yo-yo, and is thrilled to teach others. Yes, he can do tricks with a hat as well.

Remember to keep an eye on the RIT Spring Juggle-In schedule, because this workshop may get repeated over the weekend from popular demand.

Jeff Peden (left) and Ward Hartenstein work on their Lasso skills.

TGIF - Friday night Dinner at the RIT Spring Juggle-In!

The early bird gets the...dinner and lots of extra fun.
Rachel Peden, Patrik Elmnert, Wes Peden, Bonnie Booth at the 2014 Friday night Dinner

That's right, as part of our recent tradition we have a group Friday night dinner @ 6pm at the RIT Spring Juggle-in. If you're joining us on Friday here's what to expect.

1) It's a "bring a dish to pass dinner" also known as bring something to share.
Options and ideas: Salads and healthy snacks, munchies like chips and pretzels, desserts like cookies brownies,  drinks in cans or 2 litre bottles, (no alcohol please)
Want to make a statement? 
Here are some people who have made their mark in the past.
Ward Hartenstein - 3 years running with his incredible spicey thai noodle salad
Kyla Ciranni and Ross Lancaster - for bringing 50 deviled eggs
Austin Levesque - carefully made and delicious oreo cookie troufles
Avery Thompson - a full case of bannana's

2) If what you are bringing isn't pre-packaged bring a description of the ingredients.
     (we all know people with food allergies)

3) The club provides pizza, plates, plasticware and lemonade
4)  If you forget to bring something you can still join us, so don't wait outside.

Last year everyone brought a little something to add and we ended up with a feast that filled 4 8 foot tables.  Chocolate covered strawberries, truffles, chips and cheese balls, veggie trays, deviled eggs, cookies and cheesecake slices.  There was something for everyone and plenty for seconds.

Wards famous spicey noodles on the left, and a view of the full tables.            

 *Historical note- this tradition began when Jeff Peden, being inspired by the group meals at TurboFest, decided we should try something like it at RIT in 2011.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Variety Arts Comedian Larry Rundle comes to RIT

Some of the most difficult things in the world are of course, speaking in public, riding a unicyle, and escaping from a straight jacket.  Larry Rundle can do all three.  Actually he can do them all at the same time as in his hilarious straightjacket routine. 
Larry started juggling as a freshman in college, which had a profound effect on his pursuit of a degree in American Literature. In 1998, he began street performing in a small tourist town in upstate NY.  Since then he has has performed at countless venues and events throughout New York. Larry is the consummate variety artist, and with the combined performing skills of  over 17 years on the stage and street there a few things he cannot do. Juggling Torches, Whirling Devil Sticks, 6 foot unicycle with machetes, or Classic side show stunts are just a few of the things on his long list.

Known for his crazy high-energy blend of stand-up and  physical comedy, as well as his ability to improvise with the audience in the moment, his performances are always full of surprises. We are thrilled to have Larry as this years host of the Friday showcase  The Big Open  at the 38th RIT Spring Juggle-In, April 1-12 2015.  You can find Larry online at

RIT Spring Juggle In returns for its 38th year

The RIT Spring Juggle-In is one of the longest running juggling festivals in North America, and we are proud to carry on the tradition of great workshops and shows once again.  Hosted by the RIT Juggling Club with assistance from SG, last years attendance for the entire weekend was over 700 people! (based on  signatures at admittance)

We’re looking forward to another banner year with 3 separate shows and our legendary Juggling games and Best Trick of the convention competition. In addition to great fun, this event also acts as a fundraiser for The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation, which will receive a portion of all profits.
Admission to all events in the Gym are free.
The Public Show Saturday night is $18 adults and $12 for children

For complete information go to our main page, or check the fbook event page

RIT Spring Juggle In LogoWhen:  Friday, April 10–Sunday, April 12
Where: RIT campus, Clark Gym
How Much: All juggling events and workshops in the gym are free!
The Schedule
The Big Open
The Saturday Morning Show
The 38th RIT Juggling Games
The Public Show

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

(It's not just a guy thing) FAMOUS FEMALE JUGGLERS! part 2

Famous Female Jugglers pt 2 by Ward Hartenstein

Jenny Jaeger (1909-1986) was a Russian juggler who joined her father’s juggling act at the age of five. She was a child prodigy, juggling 8 balls at the age of nine and 9 balls at the age of 12. She performed 10 balls in her act at the age of 15 and continued to feature the trick for four years. Her father insisted that she stop including it in the act as it required too much practice. To this day, no other performer has ever included 10 balls in their daily act. Her act also featured amazing balances of up to five objects at the same time, six rings while bouncing a ball on her head, and a unique trick of bouncing a prop on her head that consisted of a stick with large rubber balls on each end. The prop would flip 180 degrees with each bounce. She continued to perform until 1960.

*Ward Hartenstein is a collector, creator, musician, historian and juggler. He will also be attending the 38th RIT Spring Juggle-In, you can catch up with him there.