Friday, May 15, 2015

LateNightBreakfast Spring 2015

The last day of classes for the Spring Semester of 2015, was May 13th and it marked the end of the RIT Juggling club school year. What better way to end the year then with some late night food and juggling fun.  The juggling club was invited to perform and teach juggling at Gracies from 9-11 pm and many people came out to celebrate and play.  We were well received and got Thanked by the Residential Life committee for coining out.  Greg Moss even came out and passed clubs with multiple people.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

RIT Club supports Tigers Care at SpringFest 2015

This year the Club was asked to join in the campus activities of SpringFest 2015 and provide entertainment at the Tigers Care-ival tent on the grassy knoll by Global village. Friday was a great day to be outside and multiple club members showed up during the 2 hour stretch between 1-3pm. Some of the highlights included:  Alex pulling off 7 balls with sunglasses and roasting temperatures,  Alia getting better at passing and Avery doing an amazing impromptu Diabolo Vertax routine which left everyone stunned. Present club members included Alex Rozanov, Jeff Peden, Jake Hart-Predmore, Alia Jordan, Sam Kilgore, Katlyn Clary, Avery Thompson, Jared Athias, Dan Pisarcik, Zach Miller and more. It was a great way to contribute to a great RIT cause and have fun outside at the end of the year. I'm looking forward to Wednesday nights Late Night Breakfast event just a few days from now.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Learn to Juggle at RIT!

If you are new to juggling then there is no faster way to instant success than taking the Juggling class at RIT. As a Lifetime Recreation class in the wellness course offerings, you can even get credit towards your RIT undergrad degree by taking the class. (The class numbers are Wrec 065.01 and Wrec 65.02)  Class meets one night a week for the semester and all the supplies you need are provided.  We'll cover balls, scarves rings and clubs as well as tips on how to perform for your friends and amaze audiences. The class is taught by master instructor Jeff Peden, who has taught literally thousands of students to juggle since he began his career in juggling.  Whether you want to learn something new and stretch your skills, or become the next contestant on America's got Talent, this is the class for you.