Thursday, August 28, 2014

You can learn to Juggle

If you are new to juggling then there is no faster way to learn to juggle and proven instant success than taking the Juggling class at RIT. As a Lifetime Recreation class in the wellness course offerings, you can even get credit towards your RIT undergrad degree by taking the class. (The class numbers are Wrec 065.01 and Wrec 65.02)  Class meets one night a week for the semester and all the supplies you need are provided.  We'll cover balls, scarves rings and clubs as well as tips on how to perform for your friends and amaze audiences. The class is taught by master instructor Jeff Peden, who has taught literally thousands of students to juggle since he began his career in juggling.  Whether you want to learn something new and stretch your skills, or become the next contestant on America's got Talent, this is the class for you.